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What Do You Really Want?

What do you want out of life? Is it to be able to go to work and not want to hide in the loo because you’re afraid of being found out? Is it wanting to know why you can’t make decisions despite all the responsibility you hold at work? You’re stressed out, with health problems and a permanent knot of anxiety in your stomach that just won’t go away. Maybe you can’t quit that job despite trying to, perhaps you want to ditch it all and start a business or go mountain climbing, maybe you keep falling for the wrong people. Whatever the problem, you’re stuck with a bunch of old habits that are holding you back, and honestly, they make you miserable. So, how about working with me to change those habits, change how you feel about yourself, and change your mind on life?

Hypnotherapy & Coaching

Face to face time with me, either over Skype or in person in one of the venues available to us in Yorkshire. If you want the benefits of one to one treatment, this is for you. You can book one or two sessions for a specific issue, or block book one of the Project Confidence packages. Either way, you won’t spend years with me (unless you want to).

Courses & Workshops

Not everyone loves the idea of having therapy or coaching, but are happier doing some work alone, or with some minimal guidance along the way. If this is you, then I have a number of low cost courses and workshops that you can work through, along with a number of free resources on YouTube and on my Facebook page. 


Self-development and taking responsibility are important parts of the process for recovery and successful therapy. So, you may be given homework to complete, to accelerate your recovery, and to allow you to take charge of feeling better, including reading, journaling and listening to audios provided to you. 

Anxiety & Panic

Anxiety makes us do odd things. 

It can make us feel as though we’re not part of the real world, so we begin to isolate ourselves, avoid situations, places and people, adopt behaviours to keep ourselves safe, and generally feel run down and miserable.

Is this you? Can’t shake the awful feeling of doom, the knot in the stomach and the fear you feel all the time?

Talk to me.

Neurodiversity Issues
Impostor Syndrome
Mood Management
Self Esteem
Stress Management