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Not your standard hypnotherapist.


Hi, I’m Paula Jones, and I’m a clinical hypnotherapist, coach and psychotherapist, and I specialise in anxiety, confidence building and neurodiversity.

Someone once told me that I sail a little bit too close to the wind. I told a client this, and she laughed for about an hour, and said, “Darling, you ARE the wind.”

This is fab because it’s how I like to approach working with my clients. You’ll see there are no trickling streams or piles of pebbles on this website; and there’s nothing wrong with them, but I just can’t work that way. I like practical, person centred, solution focused empowerment of people who need to feel strong; I work with people who need to get rid of their fears, and who want to feel empowered in their strength, and gain personal confidence for professional success. Put, in short; if you feel like crap, then come to me and together we’ll fix it to make you stronger than you’ve ever been before. 

I also love to work with neurodiversity, and different minds are part of the charm and magic of working in this field. Diagnosed with Autism myself at 46, I understand the unique challenges faced by people like us, and have so many solutions for feeling great without compromising who we are. 

I’m told I’m also “The Practicioner’s Practicioner”, so if you are a professional with a confidence crisis, a big scary decision incoming, or feeling like a fraud, we need to speak. 

Why work with me?

Well, I understand anxiety and fear because I am on the Autistic Spectrum, and I have had to compensate for my fears for most of my life. All the techniques I teach you are ones I have learned work for myself too. I’ve struggled with depression as long as I can remember, and self manage it when I can with self hypnosis and mindfulness.

I’m also pretty well qualified; I certified as a Coach in 2011, and a Clincial Hypnotherapist in 2012, and I’ve worked in training and development for 20 years. I also have a passion for neuroscience, I’m an avid people watcher because I love understanding how we all tick. I am an eternal student too, having just completed a Post Graduate Certificate in Counselling and Psychotherapy, and will be starting a Masters in Psychology in 2018.

Clinical supervision

As well as being a qualified hypnotherapist, I am also an approved clinical supervisor, granted by the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council, and listed on the General Hypnotherapy Register. You can, therefore, be sure that I will do my best for my clinical clients, and help newer hypnotherapists as hey begin their own careers. 

How and where?

I work either over Skype, or face to face in West and North Yorkshire. Depending on what you prefer, we have a choice of venues. Counselling and hypnotherapy are equally effective over Skype; I have clients in Europe, the US and Australia (and a few streets away from me) who would agree.