Anxiety – it’s a mind-field

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Anxiety – it’s a mind-field

Anxiety, it’s a mind-field.


Yes I know, it’s a minefield too. But anxiety has your mind working overtime, and it tells us lies. I have a client who on our first sessions worked very hard to convince me that because he lived with himself all the time, he knew better than me what was going on with him, and he accepted everything his mind was telling him as facts, truth and fixed.

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What is self-confidence? It’s maybe not what you think.

What is self-confidence?


I think we have a tendency to use the word “confidence” in a way that isn’t entirely correct.


“If I was confident, I would be able to do xyz.”


So, for someone to state that they want to be confident to do something they’ve never tried before or have not yet developed expertise in is a bit of a misnomer. It’s a combination of various things, it’s underpinned by self-esteem; and if your self-esteem is in your shoes, it can be difficult to have confidence; there’s also self-efficacy, which is a belief that you can achieve your goals, and a big helping of optimism, which is ALWAYS a good thing.

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When you think you’re not good enough

I think everyone has those days, when you think you’re not good enough.


You know it when you wake up in the morning, and you get that sense that there’s just something feels a bit off. Everything seems just slightly off-centre, and you just don’t seem to be able to get anything right.


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Your top 5 anxiety questions answered

Do you struggle with anxiety and panic attacks?


If you do, you are part of the ranks of the clients I see who also have the same issues; and for the record, I can join you too. Since I am autistic, anxiety goes hand in hand with me, but I have some great strategies for coping and dealing with it.

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Let go of the old stuff

Today is National Old Stuff Day.


Really. You can’t make this stuff up.


National Old Stuff Day is about donating the stuff you don’t want any more, because as they say (the people who say these things), someone’s trash is another’s treasure. But before you eye up your other half and wonder how much you could get for them, I want to talk to you about getting rid of the old stuff that stops you in your tracks, and keeps you stuck. Old feelings, old beliefs, old ways of living.

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Beat Valentine’s Day Anxiety

If you are in a not so happy relationship, are single, or in the midst of a break up, Valentines Day anxiety is a very real thing. It’s one thing when you are happy and playing for the smug side, but as someone who is not feeling too at one with the world, this holiday on steroids can be fraught.

Valentines Day doesn’t have to be just about couples. How about treating yourself well? Tomorrow is Singles’ Day but it’s not like you have to hibernate until it’s your time. Follow this advice, and feel good about yourself when you may just need it the most.

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Are your needs being met?

Answer honestly; are your needs being met?

Answer honestly; are your needs being met? Or do you have the nagging feeling that something is missing, but you don’t know what?


Anyone who has ever studied Psychology will be familiar with Abraham Maslow. Even those of you who haven’t will be familiar with the concepts he discussed, the basics of our needs. TV adverts ram these concepts home when they say, “buy our products, they’ll keep you safe and warm, you’ll smell nicer, and you’ll have to beat the gender of your choice away with a big stick.

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Develop an ego and be a VIP

Develop an Ego

It happens to us all at times. We have our confidence bashed and we start to believe we aren’t as good as “them” and don’t deserve the good stuff.


Well, that’s a load of rubbish, and we’re going to set that one right today.


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Blue Monday

It’s Blue Monday. If you believe in this kind of thing.

Everything is about mindset. Dr Cliff Arnall, one time of Cardiff University, devised the Blue Monday formula that decided how shabby everything is on this date each year. You know, Christmas has been and gone, all the bills have come in, there’s still at least another week till payday and it’s Monday to boot.

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What you think you know about hypnosis is wrong

What you think you know about hypnosis is wrong

So, let’s put it right.


When I was doing my hypnotherapy training, I had an assignment to complete, to find out what people knew about hypnosis and hypnotherapy. According to the responses to the question, “What do you know about hypnosis and what are your perceptions about it?” there are many thoughts about what hypnosis involves, and no one who was asked was able to define it.

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