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Anxiety – it’s a mind-field

Anxiety, it’s a mind-field.


Yes I know, it’s a minefield too. But anxiety has your mind working overtime, and it tells us lies. I have a client who on our first sessions worked very hard to convince me that because he lived with himself all the time, he knew better than me what was going on with him, and he accepted everything his mind was telling him as facts, truth and fixed.

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Blue Monday

It’s Blue Monday. If you believe in this kind of thing.

Everything is about mindset. Dr Cliff Arnall, one time of Cardiff University, devised the Blue Monday formula that decided how shabby everything is on this date each year. You know, Christmas has been and gone, all the bills have come in, there’s still at least another week till payday and it’s Monday to boot.

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Do you believe everything you hear?

Just because you think it doesn’t make it true

Have you ever really thought about that? Of all the 60,000 (approximate) thoughts that we have in a day, some of them are bound to be inaccurate and just plain old wrong?​

Our brains process everything going on around us at blisteringly high speeds, so it’s rare that we stop to think that we may be flawed in some of our thinking, especially about ourselves and what we think of ourselves.

Yes, but I know me, I hear you cry…..


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