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The Outsider’s Guide to Business

The Outsider’s Guide to Business (and why you can’t be anyone but yourself).

Are you a bit of an edgy business owner? I’m told I am. I think “edgy” is the nice way of putting it that I sail a bit too close to the wind, as one of my contacts put it. But, as one of my clients told me earlier, “honey, you ARE the wind.” I’m cool with that.

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5 symptoms of impostor syndrome in your working life

The symptoms of impostor syndrome in your working life can be wide and varied, but I wanted to touch on the 5 that really crippled me when I was at the mercy of feeling like a fraud. Which ones do you recognise?

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9 methods to stop feeling like a fraud

The Scientific Method sets out to test out hypotheses and see if they can be proven wrong. Being proven wrong doesn’t make us failures, and it doesn’t make us frauds, and if it’s good enough for the scientific community, a little uncertainty is ok.

So, why is it, when we are a little bit unsure, we feel as if we’re frauds?
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The consequences of low self esteem

Lack of confidence and a sense of low self-esteem leaves us wide awake at night.


Actually, that’s not true. They don’t. But the effects do.


I honestly never used to lie awake at night thinking, “how I wish I had more confidence.”

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