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Anxiety – it’s a mind-field

Anxiety, it’s a mind-field.


Yes I know, it’s a minefield too. But anxiety has your mind working overtime, and it tells us lies. I have a client who on our first sessions worked very hard to convince me that because he lived with himself all the time, he knew better than me what was going on with him, and he accepted everything his mind was telling him as facts, truth and fixed.

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Let go of the old stuff

Today is National Old Stuff Day.


Really. You can’t make this stuff up.


National Old Stuff Day is about donating the stuff you don’t want any more, because as they say (the people who say these things), someone’s trash is another’s treasure. But before you eye up your other half and wonder how much you could get for them, I want to talk to you about getting rid of the old stuff that stops you in your tracks, and keeps you stuck. Old feelings, old beliefs, old ways of living.

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Are your needs being met?

Answer honestly; are your needs being met?

Answer honestly; are your needs being met? Or do you have the nagging feeling that something is missing, but you don’t know what?


Anyone who has ever studied Psychology will be familiar with Abraham Maslow. Even those of you who haven’t will be familiar with the concepts he discussed, the basics of our needs. TV adverts ram these concepts home when they say, “buy our products, they’ll keep you safe and warm, you’ll smell nicer, and you’ll have to beat the gender of your choice away with a big stick.

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Blue Monday

It’s Blue Monday. If you believe in this kind of thing.

Everything is about mindset. Dr Cliff Arnall, one time of Cardiff University, devised the Blue Monday formula that decided how shabby everything is on this date each year. You know, Christmas has been and gone, all the bills have come in, there’s still at least another week till payday and it’s Monday to boot.

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The Outsider’s Guide to Business

The Outsider’s Guide to Business (and why you can’t be anyone but yourself).

Are you a bit of an edgy business owner? I’m told I am. I think “edgy” is the nice way of putting it that I sail a bit too close to the wind, as one of my contacts put it. But, as one of my clients told me earlier, “honey, you ARE the wind.” I’m cool with that.

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7 Habits For a Strong Success Mindset

Do  Your Actions Support a Strong Mindset?


Life isn’t fair. Shit happens. It’s clear that life doesn’t divide up all good things evenly among all people. You can tell that just by people watching. Some people are better looking than others. Then there are people who are richer than their peers.There are people who come from a good background. They have a great education. They’re intelligent, well-liked – and it appears the world is theirs for the taking. Annoying, aren’t they?

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