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World Hypnotism Day – Because Hypnosis is Not What You Think it Is

It’s World Hypnotism Day today.

I love this idea, because there are so many misconceptions about hypnosis and hypnotherapy out there, and it’s a pity because it works so beneficially. Many elements of the NHS now embrace hypnotherapy, and it is an effective complementary (not alternative!) therapy. You will also often find that hypnotherapists may also be counsellors, coaches, EFT practitioners, and many other disciplines besides these, and we tend to love our jobs and helping to fix YOU.

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How I fixed a choking phobia in 2 sessions

Tom came to me with a choking phobia. It was starting to adversely affect him as he had begun to adopt behaviours that were restricting his life; avoiding triggers and forgetting how to enjoy social occasions. It was time to fix it, and he’d had enough. Choking phobia is more common than you might think, and is simple to resolve.

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Beat your fear of public speaking

Fear of public speaking

Did you know that someone with the fear of public speaking would rather die than talk to an audience, even though there’s a chance that this fear could cripple their career?

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