Mind Changes

Let's face it. Everyone, at times, struggles with anxiety, fears, low-self esteem, panic, Imposter Syndrome and so on; but we have businesses to run, senior roles to fill, and we need to be confident, and feel deserving of where we are. So, let my strategies for mindset help you to just feel better and go out and achieve what you need to, while understanding your needs.

I work in a mixture of coaching and hypnotherapy, determined by us in our complimentary consultation.

If you would like to talk to me for 30 minutes, either via Skype or phone to find out how we can work together to make you confident and eliminate anxiety, book your time on my calendar.

You will also receive a free 30 minute relaxation mp3 and an au​dio guide to self hypnosis following your consultation.

Change your mindset, change your game.


This is my specialist area, and I work mostly with social anxiety and phobias. Let me help you build your confidence and overcome Imposter Syndrome. You're not going to be found out, because you ARE good enough; and I'll help you see it too.


This is the flip side of anxiety, and the state you need to achieve. Confidence, or the lack of, can hold us back while we are busy overthinking. I can teach you real mindset changes to help you deal with every situation confidently and happily.​


Being paralysed with fear leaves us feeling out of control. Teaching you to think differently works wonders, and allows you to leave your fears behind. If you think no one else has your irrational fear, think again. Just call me to find out how I can help.

Social Phobia/Anxiety

If your business relies on your ability to be seen, then this is a problem. I can help you get past the IBS symptoms, cramping, nerves, racing heart and tension to be able to get out there and be visible.​​

Stress and Panic

We all experience stress but I can help you with effective mind control techniques that will help keep your stress at bay, and help you turn some stresses to your advantage.

Low Self-Esteem

It's hard to believe you're any good at anything when your head keeps telling you otherwise. Great techniques for shushing some of those voices in your head.​

Lets work together to make the bad things much easier and better; make the good things REALLY good. It's not all bad news is it? 
Let's change your mindset to change your game.

David Ashton

Working with Paula was a fantastic experience. I found her down to earth approach and range of skills both in coaching and hypnosis, assisted me developing and maintaining focus. The work I did with Paula unlocked my potential and made sure I was working on the right things at the right time which has had a tremendous impact my business and personal life.