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Would you like to talk?

Sometimes, you know that it's not enough to tell yourself to just get on with it, get a grip. We occasionally need the help of someone who is external, impartial, and with no agenda. ​

So, let's talk about the goals you want to reach, the anxieties you have, the fears that are holding you back.

Your complimentary session can be conducted either via Skype or the phone, and will last for 30 minutes.​

Let's discuss your goals and how you want to reach them, and which programme will be the best fit for you. ​


After we have spoken, you will receive your initial treatment plan, personalised for you based on our conversation.

We will agree on how to help you reach your goals

You will have support and guidance from a fully certified clinical hypnotherapist and coach.​

You will also receive a free relaxation mp3, and an​ audio guide to self-hypnosis.

I’m really looking forward to speaking to you.

Coaching with Paula isn't an easy option - she'll make you work hard and question what you do, but the results make it very worthwhile.

Alison Wren