This is Pauline, and she had a fear of flying; she hadn’t taken a flight in the last 6 years, and when she’d had to prior to that, she was taken diazepam at the airport. All the holidays she took with her husband were either in this country, or journeys by ferry.

And just look at her now. We did 4 phobia fix sessions, all over Skype, and she sent me this in July 2016, a week after we completed our work.


Meet Lesley. Lesley was struggling with her confidence and her relationships.
In the time we worked together, she made a solo trip to Vietnam, started a wonderful relationship and gained 2 daughters as a result, and bought out her business partner, creating a successful business.

You can find her at Fresh Food Events.

This is Tom. Tom had a phobia of choking that was severely restricting his life. We had 2 hypnotherapy sessions over Skype, where he just couldn’t believe how long he’d been in trance, and his phobia has completely gone.