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Project Confidence is my signature programme, and is available at 3 different levels to suit your needs.  

You may find you want less intensive help, or more involvement. Either way is up to you. Once we've had our initial discussion, we'll work out your treatment plan. All sessions include support outside of the individual sessions, you you're not just paying for time.

Project Confidence is a mixture of coaching and hypnotherapy, at the right levels to suit you and the type of confidence you want. ​We will dial down any anxiety, fix any fears and ramp up the confidence to make you more effective and feeling up to the job again.

Change your mindset, change your game with Project Confidence.​

Phobia Fix

​£297 for 3 sessions

Over 3 sessions, we can deal with the most urgent issues that you feel you have. Fixing your phobia, such as fear of public speaking, flying, or social anxiety that stops you networking comfortably, we'll work on the more important things first.

​Hypnotherapy is very successful, very quickly, for a whole range of issues. To receive the same effect of 6 sessions of hypnotherapy, you would attend around 600 sessions of psychotherapy; so you can see why it does the job!

Book your plan today and get started.​

Axe Anxiety

£597 for 6 sessions

Over 8 sessions, we dig a little deeper, clearing away any issues that hold back your self esteem and stop you from being as confident as you could be.

This package can be renewed or upgraded if you feel that you would like more intensive support.

With this package, as well as the between session support of all the packages, you will have tailored audios of your sessions, relevant guides and regular check ins for further support when needed.​

Pay in full, or make 2 payments of £325.

Crank up your Confidence

£997 for 10 sessions 

This is the VIP programme, where, with support in between sessions, tailored recordings, guides, SOS Skype calls if you need them, you will learn to Project Confidence.

No more unmanageable anxiety, forgetting all about ever feeling like a fraud, learning to be relaxed and feeling deserving of success.

​Regain trust in yourself, have the bravery to follow the scary path, learn new ways of thinking about your talents and impact, and release yourself from being the barrier between the business and lifestyle you want.

Please note the fees quoted are discounted if paying in full, otherwise you are paying instalment prices.