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Block Appointment Bookings

Discounted block appointment bookings are available however all payments are required in advance and are subject only to pro rata refunds at the non discounted rate. This means if you cancel before the end of the programme, you will be refunded after the full fee for sessions taken at £85 each has been taken into account.

For example, if you book 4 sessions at £297 and only use 2, your bill will come to £340 because you waive your discount, and your pro rata refund will be £175.

In the case of block bookings that require two or three payments, you will not be charged the next billing cycle if you cancel during the previous cycle.

The programmes stated on the Services page are all discounted from the standard appointment rate of £85 per session. The pay as you go options may be best suited to you if you do not want to have the financial commitment of a block booking.

Cancellation Policy

For Appointments

Due to the enormous popularity and demand for this clinic and to protect our valued clients, we have a strict cancellation process in place.

Cancellation with 24 hours notice 100% fee will be invoiced to the client. Please note that the appointment time is guaranteed for you, and my time is taken up with travel to and from the clinic to get to your session. The clinic room is also booked in advance and is paid for within your booking fee. Their cancellation terms are also 24 hours notice. I know that life sometimes gets in the way, but your therapy bookings are life changing so please ensure that you can commit to them before booking.

If you have an unavoidable emergency, we will deal with that as it arises and I will be flexible in these situations.

How can I pay for my sessions

I will invoice you, so you can pay your bill direct online.We also accept cash, or credit cards on the day of your appointment.

Where you are paying for single sessions, you will be billed for 2 at a time. If you are unable to make an appointment, as above, please give the required notice so that your appointment can be rescheduled at no loss to you.


Success of recommended treatments and therapies depend entirely on an individual’s commitment to attending sessions and following action plans agreed between the practitioner and client. In the specific case of clinical hypnosis, susceptibility can be varied and this will be tested prior to any hypnosis sessions taking place.